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Chances are that if you’ve never used a ridesharing service, someone you know has. Vehicles displaying the insignia of companies such as Uber and Lyft (two of the most popular services) have become a ubiquitous sight in both metro and suburban areas. Unfortunately, these companies’ hiring and safety practices may not have kept up with their explosive growth. Attorney Stephen Rosen notes that, “As companies like Uber and Lyft become more popular, their need for drivers grows and their vetting process seems to lessen.”

When ridesharing accidents do happen, injury claims can be substantially more complex than in regular car accident cases. Uber and Lyft drivers often have varying levels of company insurance in addition to their own personal policies. Also, these accident claims are often handled by more aggressive third party adjusters and attorneys.

Steps to take after an Uber or Lyft accident include:
  • collect information: Get all involved drivers’ information, including license plate numbers and insurance info. Take pictures if it is safe to do so. (Helpful tip: you can screenshot the driver’s info on the app during the ride, immediately after the accident. This info is not typically available in “ride history” so get it while you can.)

  • Be careful of what you say: Oversharing can lead to issues down the road and may end up hurting your claim. When dealing with the other driver, do not say more than you have to. Limiting your communication can greatly decrease the chance of accidental self-incrimination.

  • Get the police involved: After an accident, no matter how small, it is critical to call the police and stay at the scene. When speaking with law enforcement, tell them what you personally saw and experienced, not what the driver said happened.

  • Don’t take “off the app” rides: “While you may get a driver that you like a little better, the combination of the driver getting paid but working off of the app often leads to that driver having no insurance coverage whatsoever for that ride,” says Attorney Rosen.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, Rosen Law Offices wants to hear from you. Attorney Stephen N. Rosen is backed by years of legal experience and has recovered millions of dollars for clients in past cases. When you need trustworthy, effective representation, the firm’s Dana Point car accident attorney is here to help.

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