Uninsured Motorist

Know Your Options After Being Hit by an Uninsured Driver

A car accident is always frustrating, but even more so when the other driver has no insurance. Many people believe that they have no choice but to pay for damages themselves when this happens, but in most circumstances this is not the case.

California law stipulates that all vehicle insurance providers must provide coverage for uninsured motorist accidents. The only way to opt out of this coverage is to fill out a form in writing which explicitly states you are forfeiting the insurance. Many people have this insurance without even realizing it. This insurance should also cover you if you are pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist hit by an uninsured driver.

For help retrieving your insurance claim, call and speak with our Dana Pointcar accident lawyer.

Filing Your Claim

In theory, making a claim with your insurance company should be much easier than fighting with someone else’s. Unfortunately, uninsured motorist claims are notoriously difficult to collect, and you may end up waiting for months or even years before receiving benefits—if you receive them at all. Working with an attorney to file your claim is highly recommended in order to receive the benefits faster and without excessive harassment from an investigating claims adjuster.

With an uninsured motorist accident lawyer, you can:
  • Receive your benefits faster

  • Get the total amount your insurance company owes for the injuries

  • Get help properly filling out all of the forms

  • Have an attorney interact with the insurance company on your behalf

  • Preempt or fight against bad faith insurance

Start Collecting Your Benefits Today

If you have been injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver, call . Our uninsured motorist accident attorney serves Irvine and Orange County and personally meets with all clients.

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